Manawatu Home Educators Logo

Manawatu Home Educators is proud of its logo. We feel it represents so much of what MHE is and represents.
The green koru-like symbol represents continued growth and progression, culture, and the local hills and ranges. Its direction is upward to symbolise growth. Green typically represents growth, nature, freshness, safety, harmony, hope, and the environment around us.
The blue symbol represents the flowing Manawatu River, with the dots representing the stages of development within Manawatu Home Educators moving in a cyclic motion. Blue typically represents loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, and faith.
The black/charcoal symbol represents the learner. The person/people - at the centre of our organisation - in this case an active person/learner. Black typically denotes strength, authority, formality. In the logo, the black visually presents a grounding and balance to the colours surrounding it.
Overall, our logo is purposefully designed in a circle. This represents the cycle as we enter into home education and Manawatu Home Educators, our growth and connection throughout the journey, with the learner (person/people) at the centre.

Learning Together encapsulates Manawatu Home Educators.  We are all on a journey of learning and discovery.  As children and as adults.  Much of this learning takes place together – either within our own family or within our organisation.  We are part of an organisation made up of many and varied members.  We each bring our own backgrounds, philosophies, experiences, knowledge, hopes, and desires for our children and their learning.  Manawatu Home Educators offers connection with other home educators, support, resources, and identity.  We are all Learning Together.