Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Membership

How much does membership cost?

Membership to Manawatu Home Educators is kept at a very reasonable $60 per school year.

If you become a member throughout the year, you pay pro-rata.  Visit: Join MHE

How can I pay my membership subscription?

The best way to pay your membership subscription is via Internet Banking.  This helps with the paperwork and means no-one has to deal with cash!

Bank Account details:
Manawatu Home Educators
02 0719 0160638 00
Particulars:  Surname
Reference: Subscription

How do I renew my membership online?

To renew your membership online, login to our website and click Join MHE.

Purchase the desired subscription.

Is my subscription refundable?


Do you offer a payment schedule for subscription payments?

Generally, we prefer your full membership subscription to be paid in full.  However, if you contact our Treasurer, a payment schedule can be arranged.

02. Membership Privileges

What does membership give us?

Membership to Manawatu Home Educators offers you a range of advantages to help you with your home education journey.

Visit Membership page.

Can I borrow items from the Resource Library?

Yes.  Your membership allows you to borrow a wide variety of resources from our Resource Library.

Members Contact List

MHE Membership provides you access to the contact details of other members so you can organise ‘play dates’, share information, and coordinate activities.

Visit our Members Directory.

Who runs Manawatu Home Educators?

Manawatu Home Educators is a volunteer member organisation.  We have a managing Committee, nominated at our Annual General Meeting.

The Committee is led by the Chairperson and supported by up to 11 other members.

To contact the Chairperson, you can email via

03. Activities and Events

How do I know what activities are available?

MHE events and activities are now online.  Whenever an event is published, it becomes active on our calendar.

Who organises activities?

Generally, other members organise activities.  Sometimes these activities may be facilitated by outside people/organisations.  Other times, activities are run by other members of Manawatu Home Educators.

I have an idea for an activity.  What should I do?

Most activities are planned out in advance.  This occurs at our Activity Planning Meetings each Term.  Activity Planning Meetings occur near the end of the preceding school Term and members are notified when these are scheduled.

If you have an idea for an activity, you are welcome to organise the activity.  Use our Activity Planner to assist you with this and contact our Activities Coordinator for more information and advice.

When you are ready to organise an event, enter the relevant information online using our Add An Event feature.

How do I register to attend an activity?

Usually, you will register your interest for an activity by contacting the activity organiser.  Their contact information will be contained in the online calendar event as well as any emails that are sent to members about an event.

03. Resource Library

What resources are available in the members-only Resource Library?

The best way to find out what resources are available in our Resource Library is to visit the library.

There are a range of resources including text books, magazines, articles, puzzles, science equipment, sound system,

How do I access the Resource Library?

Our Resource Library is manned by volunteer members.  Most weeks during Term time, the Resource Library is open for an afternoon.

Members are often notified/reminded about opening times via our members-only email list and via our closed Facebook Group.

Can I help in the Resource Library?

As a member-run organisation, we are very keen for members to make themselves available to help when possible.

We have a Resource Library Coordinator who facilitates everything to do with the Resource Library.  Contact our Resource Library Coordinator and see where you can help.

For how long can I borrow resources?

The length of loans depends on the resources being borrowed.  Some resources are for two weeks, others are for a full school Term.

Contact our Resource Library Coordinator for more details.