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Friday 8th February

Awesome fun gymnastics for school age children

Waldegrave Street, Barber Hall

Inquiries to Melissa L (on the Contact page).

Fridays 8th Feb – 19 April

11.45 – 12.30ish 9yrs and under ( + boys group, parents know who they are)
12.45 – 1.30ish over 9 yrs

Cost for term

MHE members – $70 each child
Non MHE members – $75 each child
Internet banking: (see Membership page)
Please reference surname and “gym’

Any cheques please make out to Manawatu Home Educators and give to Mel at gym.  To be paid by or on the first Friday please.

Would be great if you could ring or email me children ( and age) enrolled for this term and whether you can parent help so I can start making up a roster.

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